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5 Tips to Increase Motivation and Consistency

March 8, 2023

Here are some top tips to show up for yourself leading to increased motivation and consistent movement:

Build a Routine

Once your day starts, it can be truly difficult to set aside a time to workout. Things will keep popping up throughout the day. The best way to avoid this is to plan your workouts in advance! Write down what workouts you will do at the start of the week, and take the time to pick out your clothes the evening before.

Consider doing a shorter workout on my website for 25 min. (or an even shorter one) for motivational purposes. Sometimes, you will do a quick one and realize you have the energy for more! Adding a 10-15 min. walk to your routine could also work wonders!

Find a Workout You Love

There are a plethora of workout formats available! Deciding on what to take can be overwhelming! Our bodies crave regular exercise, but where do we start?

My website has a large variety of formats! Strength, Pilates hybrid, barre, band, and HIIT. Your mood may change day to day depending on how you and your body feel. The length of classes vary from 10-50 min! It is ok to change up the format and time length day to day. I suggest finding at least two different types of workouts you like and alternating them!

Stop Focusing on How You Look

Try to take away the mirror and the scale for a bit! Placing pressure on how you look and the number on the scale typically leads to negative self-talk. Think about how you “feel” rather than how “you look”. Perhaps create micro goals rather than a “weight goal”. For example, “I will not take a break during planks” OR “I will increase my 5 lb. weights to 8 lb.” You may lose weight as a result, but the focus will be off that!

Fuel Yourself

Listening to your body is key! When you listen to your hunger cues and fuel your body properly, you will have the energy to make it through any workout! Pay attention to when feeling hungry vs. feeling full. Sometimes, our brain will trick us into under/over eating when we are feeling an emotion we want to avoid. Let yourself eat what you are craving, but eat it SLOWLY to allow the cues to process. After the fact move on, instead of correcting yourself and spiraling. Do what feels right for YOU!

Gear Yourself Up!

When you like what you are wearing, you will feel good! Consider setting up your workout clothes the night before you plan to workout for extra motivation. Upon waking you won’t need to think about what you are wearing and can go straight into your workout!

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