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“I discovered Cara at the beginning of Covid and her online classes helped me stay healthy and sane during that tough time. When my son became engaged last year, I wanted to up my game to more than one class a week so I could look my best as Mother of the Groom. I didn’t have a lot of weight to lose, but I’ve always had flabby arms and a thick waist.. and almost always wore sleeves and loose styles to cover that up. I started doing a minimum of two classes a week with Cara, and sometimes three, in addition to my walking. I never miss her Monday Hardcore class – it’s the best all-body workout and it keeps me motivated for the week. I also love her Dancer’s Body class and L.E.T.S. WERQ classes – both helped me tone my arms, waist and legs. I never would have dreamed that I could consider an off- the-shoulder sleeveless gown with a defined waist. But after working out with Cara, that’s what I was able to wear – with an added bonus of having lost those last stubborn 5 pounds. Thank you, Cara, for helping me feel my best  for my son’s wedding – one of the most important days of my life.”
-Palma H


“I started working with Cara during Covid. I was a little hesitant about working out over zoom (rather than in person) but I couldn’t be happier that I took the chance! Cara is so easy to work with. She is professional, fun and great at what she does. Cara has customized workouts for my specific needs and is constantly switching things around so I never tire of doing the same thing week after week. I also do her prerecorded workouts and find they are a great supplement to my private sessions. I am constantly seeing changes in my body and feel stronger and more fit than I ever have! An added bonus was the 10lbs I shed through diet and exercise. I can’t say enough good things about Cara and highly recommend.”

-Rachel T

“I have been a long standing client of Cara’s and, quite frankly, I am hooked! Cara is a wonderful instructor. Her energy and exuberance are exactly what I am looking for when diving into the world of virtual training. I love the ease and ability to get an amazing, intense workout all from the safety and convenience of my home. The content of the group classes offered during the week makes exercising something I look forward to. In addition, some of these classes compliment each other and I feel like I am working my body to it’s fullest to stay strong and flexible. Every single class is different and engaging. I love the variety of exercises and the fact that Cara is still able to come up with new and unique movements. As she has always done, Cara’s modifications have made the classes work for me on a daily basis. At its core, I feel that Cara is fostering a digital fitness family, and while we may physically be set apart, I feel like I am part of something. She genuinely cares about her clients and it shows in the dedication she has in communicating with and hearing what clients have to say. On a personal note, I attribute much of my physical health to Cara. As a Multiple Sclerosis fighter, I look to Cara’s trainings and guidance to help keep my body moving and stay strong. I cannot sing her praises enough!”

Kelly B

“I’ve been doing one-on-one training with Cara for about ten years now. Not only did she help keep me fit and healthy through a high risk pregnancy, she has also been a huge part of keeping me active and sane during the pandemic.

All of her workouts are personalized to your own ability level and needs. For instance, I still have some limited core mobility because of my C-section scar tissue. Cara always finds a way to still challenge my core muscle groups without causing pain or discomfort.

One-on-one sessions are 45-minutes of continuous movement and Cara’s routines are always different and fun. I think my favorite part of our sessions is Cara’s commitment to always learning and researching new movements to keep everything fresh and new. That’s why, after ten years of working together, I’m still here.

As well as working with Cara one-on-one, I also regularly attend her Zoom group fitness classes. Adding Cara’s group classes into my exercise routine has given my body more definition and tone as well as more confidence in myself as an athlete. Most importantly, because of Cara, I have the energy to keep up with a 3-year-old.”

Danielle M

“I’m excited to write this testimonial because Cara’s virtual workouts rock.

Here are a few reasons why:
1. No two workouts are ever the same. I’ve been taking her classes for a year and she is still creating new and effective moves to target various muscle groups. Never boring!
2. Cara mirrors the movements: when she tells you to use your right leg, she uses her left so that you don’t get confused or fall behind. What she says and does show you exactly how to execute the moves.
3. Every 50 minute class targets all major muscle groups. The class focus may be “butt and gut” but you’re still hitting arms, legs and everything in between.
4. Cara explains proper positioning and breathing while you work. She cues you when to inhale, exhale, how to hold your head and neck, where to look while you move, etc.
5. Because she emphasizes proper form, you are less likely to injure yourself or become excessively sore from any workout.
6. You are always moving. Cara doesn’t waste time! You’re burning calories and building strength for 50 minutes straight, stretching for 5 minutes, and class goes by very quickly.
7. Cara’s prices are extremely reasonable and fair, so there is no excuse not to do her workout.

I’ve been working out for most of my life and I’m enough of a fitness connoisseur to know a good instructor. Cara is exceptional!!!”


Janet M

“In the past I was never inspired to work out at the gym. Each new year, I would make the same resolution. “I am going to join the gym, lose weight, and get in the best shape of my life!” Each new year I would go to another gym, spend hundreds of dollars on a new gym membership, work out for a month, and just as fast as I signed up, I would quit.

Last spring, I gave birth to my second child and gained over 30 pounds. I was very unhappy with myself. It was hard to find clothes that fit comfortably, I had no energy or drive. I reluctantly decided to hire a personal trainer, even though I didn’t think I would make it past a month of training.

I started training with Cara and before I knew it, I was looking forward to exercising! No more excuses! Cara has inspired me to work hard and never quit. Cara has helped me find the energy and desire to take care of myself again. Since I have been working with her (less than a year!), I have lost over 30 pounds and over 16 inches. This is a goal I would never have attained without Cara’s dedication to Total Fitness.

Thank you Cara!”

Emma C.

“I first started working with Cara about 18 months ago before my cousin’s wedding. Over the 4 month period, I lost about 30 pounds and large amount of inches all over. Once my schedule began getting more hectic between school and work, exercising became low on my priority list. Over the next 10 months, I began to regain all of my weight and inches I had lost previously. With my other cousin’s wedding quickly approaching along with my 21st brithday, I had a new set of goals and I knew Cara was the one to work with to reach them! Since I began training, I have lost about 25 pounds and about 20 inches all over.

Cara keeps me motivated and positive no matter what the situation! I actually look forward to our training sessions because there is always more for us to try and new results to be seen. She is always by my side, providing great advice and tips on eating right and working out. Cara has a great amount of passion for training and cares for each of her clients, which shows throughout the sessions. I now have a great amount of energy and a high optimistic attitude in life that I NEVER want to lose again. I used to dread clothes shopping and social events, now I encourage them!”

Kristine H.

“I have been working with Cara for 8 months. Having Cara as my personal trainer has made a big difference. She pushes me when I want to stop. She encourages me to expect more from myself than I think I can do.

I have lost 20 pounds but more importantly, I have lost 20 inches! I give Cara all the credit for my success this time. She really made all the difference for me.“

Michelle H.

“I purchased training sessions with Cara having absolutely no idea how much it would change my life. Not only did I receive the gift of a better and healthier body, I also created a bond and a friendship that I know will last a lifetime.

Cara makes working out fun, therapeutic and is intense in a good way. You will see spectacular results– and fast! I actually look forward to seeing her every week and I no longer dread exercising-SERIOUSLY. I am actually motivated and driven because Cara always switches up the routines. We hardly ever do the same thing twice. Nothing ever gets boring and I love the way she challenges me. This makes each session more interesting and the minutes seem to fly by.

Cara is very well educated in her field and her expertise in many different areas of training is limitless. I’ve lost twenty pounds over the last few years and I can literally see the inches dwindling away. Cara is the perfect combination of firm (when neccessary), sweet, genuine, humorous, and aggressive drill sargeant all wrapped up into one very intelligent, fabulous and unbelievably fit person. She provides me with many different suggestions when it comes to my diet as well as many various do-it-yourself at-home workout routines that keep me on track. When I’m with Cara, I cannot stop laughing and crying all at the same time! The pain is good– I promise! There is a reason why most people call her “the best!” She is in high demand so don’t waste your time– book training sessions ASAP! I promise you won’t regret it!”

Lauren S.

“Since the Pandemic started, I have been taking Cara’s ZOOM classes 3-4 times a week! Cara’s classes are TOTAL BODY, and are friendly for all levels! Her classes have helped us maintain healthy bodies and minds. I have lost weight and inches in my mid-section! Her classes helped me manage the stresses and anxiety of not wanting to use the gym. We can also chat with other students before and after the class!”

Ronda K.

“I have been training with Cara twice a week for 10 years. Training with Cara has increased my overall muscle tone and flexibility. She is tough but always encouraging. When I was having back and knee issues she modified my training routine to accommodate them. My training routine tackles all muscle groups. One day is strength and conditioning and the second day is barre/pilates. She changes the upper body and lower body exercises every week. Cara provides the right amount of motivation, toughness, etc to get you to persevere. Due to the Pandemic, we have been training over Facetime. Although I had my doubts regarding the usefulness of it, I found my concerns to be baseless. I have found it to be just as beneficial as in person training. Cara continues to motivate and still provide correction of form etc.. I have truly found training with Cara to be extremely beneficial and would encourage you to try a class with her. In fact, my husband has begun training with her and finds he feels so much better after his session. Cara is also available to discuss and guide you regarding questions about diet, nutrition etc. I hope you give one of Cara’s classes a try, I am sure you will not be disappointed.”


More Testimonials

“I know Cara back from my gym days, which at this point, was years ago. She messaged me on facebook about two months into the pandemic and I decided to give her zoom class a shot. I have a peloton bike and tread and didn’t really feel like I needed to add anything new to my routine but I always loved Cara’s classes (and her personality) so I went for it. What started out as me being open minded and nice to another nice person turned into workouts 3-4 days a week. I absolutely love Cara’s classes. I’m about 11 months into working out with her regularly. I do not know how she makes each class so unique – they always fly by while I’m huffing and puffing. Her classes are fun, challenging and she has the best personality. Cara is a sweet, caring, kind person who really cares about each and every student! I cannot recommend her more. Every time I encourage a friend to take class with Cara, they are immediately hooked! I still spin, run and yoga but Cara really shakes my week up. I’m more muscular than I’ve ever been in my life and I’ve been a hard core exerciser for 25+ years. Cara is truly the best and I look forward to working out with her every week – I even bring my laptops and equipment on vacation so I don’t have to miss class!”

– Carrie H

“Cara has absolutely mastered virtual workout classes. Over the last year, her classes have been a total bright light for me and I really look forward to them every week! They are not only great for toning all the best muscle groups, but they’re truly therapeutic and leave me feeling energized and pumped up during a time when I needed it most! I’m so grateful!”
– Joanne K

“Cara’s classes have given me the strength and comfort that I needed during the most difficult year of my life. I look forward to working out with Cara everyday. She is so caring and her workouts are amazing. She spends so much time changing them daily. Even though her workouts are virtual, I feel like I’m in the same room with her. I couldn’t have gotten through this past year without Cara!”

– Farrah F

“I am so grateful for this community we have. One of my favorite aspects is how connected I feel with my exercise routine. It was a challenge for me to workout at home when COVID first hit. Our ritual of setting up my weekly schedule & confirming the evening before has held me accountable 100%. Watching me at home during virtual classes has also been a positive influence on my family’s health & fitness goals! I’ve noticed such an improvement in my core stability over these past few months. I recommend these classes to anyone looking to get the most out of functional, innovative moves while having fun!!”

– Lisa V

“It has been a year since I first started taking Cara’s virtual classes. I attended physical fitness classes 5-6 times a week at the gym and I couldn’t imagine that taking a class on my phone or iPad could provide the same benefit. Boy was I wrong. The classes were challenging as well as motivating. Cara is such a professional – she invested in her business so that the music, cameras and variety of classes kept me coming back day after day. My goal was to maintain my fitness level and not gain weight from being quarantined at home. My fitness level has actually improved, feeling stronger and more flexible, and my weight is the same as it was a year ago. Huge success! And I didn’t spend a 40 minute return commute to the gym every day. The benefits are as much mental as physical. Knowing that Cara is watching and ensuring that everyone is doing the moves correctly inspires me to do my best. It gives me such a sense of accomplishment when I am done…perfect way to start my day. And Cara creates new routines every week – so the classes are never boring…and oh so challenging! If you happen to miss a class, she offers recordings as well. I would highly recommend anyone to try Cara’s classes – whether your goal is to lose weight, become stronger, gain more movement and flexibility or just to start your day on a high note, you will certainly become a convert to Cara’s virtual training.”

– Angela P

“As an avid fitness class enthusiast for many years, I was at a loss for how to stay in shape when gyms and studios closed due to the pandemic. I tried YouTube fitness videos but knew I needed more variety to stay motivated while working out at home. I was thrilled when a friend recommended Cara’s virtual classes and I have recommended her to all of my friends myself! Cara is a knowledgeable fitness professional with a great personality; her enthusiasm and passion come through in all of her classes! I feel stronger and more energized in my fifties, as well as more confident from taking her virtual classes regularly. Cara doesn’t just “give” classes, she “teaches” classes which makes all the difference. Whether you are new to exercise or have been active for awhile, you will find her classes to be challenging, always varied and fresh, and above all, so much fun! She offers modifications to suit all levels and abilities, beginner through advanced. Your body will get a full workout in 50 minutes in the convenience of your home, leaving you feeling both physically invigorated and mentally refreshed!”

– Christine P

“Being home during the pandemic made it difficult to have any routine and I put on 25 lbs. I had never worked out in my life but when a friend recommended Cara’s classes, I figured I’d give it a shot.

After five months of working out with Cara’s Zoom classes, I lost 32 lbs and feel stronger than I have ever been. I find myself pushing even harder, not taking modifications, and challenging myself with heavier weights. I used to not be able to open heavy doors or jars, and have low muscle tone. It was difficult to get up out of a chair. Now everything is easier and I realize how weak I used to be. I’m also more comfortable in my clothes.

What I love about Cara’s classes is that she knows exactly how to explain each move, and how to obtain proper positioning. She has a way of connecting with each client, even over Zoom. I enjoy her anecdotes about tv shows, restaurants, and which workout gear she’s loving or hating because it makes the time pass faster. I went from never working out to doing Cara’s classes, live or recordings, most days each week and I love exercising now.”

                         -Sarah B

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