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Evening Routine Tips:

February 23, 2023

Want to level up your evening routine? Creating a nighttime routine that works for you and leaves you ready for some ZZZ’s is extremely important! Here are some tips that will help you recharge and relax every single night!

Indulge in Self Care

Skincare at night is essential! Start out with a great cleanser, a toner such as rose water, a serum (my fave is DRMTLGY’s Needle-less serum, and a great moisturizer to follow. An excellent moisturizer is Naturium’s plant ceramide rich moisture cream. An amazon link to the toner and the moisturizer can be found below:

Set The Mood

Turn down the lights, lower the shades, and maybe put on some white noise or a sleep meditation! Studies have shown that two or more hours of screen time in the evening can disrupt the melatonin surge needed to stay and fall asleep. This can be hard for many! Maybe aim to put your phone away ten minutes earlier and then gradually increase that number. Gradually decreasing the lights and turning off any overhead lighting for an hour before bed is also a game changer!

Relax Your Mind

Prioritize giving your mind and body time to wind down! Reading a good book (even just ten minutes) can help relax your thoughts and breathing. Some great night time meditations can be found on this YouTube channel:

Elevate Your Space

Create a space you love by investing in a great mattress, comfortable pillows and cases, and smooth but warm sheets. Bulk up on pillows, add a duvet, and create multiple layers of blankets! Try not to work from your bed. The key is associating the bed with rest and relaxation!

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