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Gut Health and Digestion

February 28, 2022

Let’s talk digestive health! I have been dealing with digestive issues for decades. Until I found a HIGH quality probiotic, I wasn’t feeling any difference in my overall health and well being. Everything in our body is interconnected and our gastrointestinal system sits at the core of it all. “Gut Health” goes FAR beyond digestive health. Gut bacteria can help us synthesize key vitamins, play a role in our immunity, and help us digest food.

Depending on the probiotic, there are millions to billions of CFU’s (colony forming units) of bacteria (the good kind) that have a direct impact on our bodily functions and systems. As an example, specific bacteria in the intestines can synthesize certain b vitamins, such as biotin. Biotin not only helps with our hair, skin and nails, but helps our bodies covert food into energy.

One of the most important tools in supporting overall AND gut health is a high quality probiotic. It is extremely important we use a probiotic that supports gut barrier integrity. A gut barrier is made up of all the cells that make up the outer lining of our intestines. These cells are held together by junctions to monitor what goes in and out of your gut. If the integrity of the barrier is off and material gets in your gut barrier that is not supposed to, it can cause fatigue, bloating, joint pain, skin problems, brain fog, and much more!

I have tried MANY probiotics, but it wasn’t until I tried the following two that I noticed a huge difference in my digestion, overall mood, and health! I usually finish a bottle of one and then switch to the other and so forth. These also have 85-90 CFU’s + 12-32 strains in a serving, which is something I always aim for in a good quality probiotic. I suggest taking a serving of the probiotic you choose every nite just before bed. Studies have shown that taking it before bed when the gut is most “inactive” won’t interrupt your digestion. With more time in your gut, the good bacteria can get to work healing your digestive issues. Click on the links (ad) below to order:

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