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April 3, 2023

What is LIIT? Low-intensity interval training! This is a calmer and safer way (especially for your joints) of doing HIIT (High intensity interval training). Read on to see what exercises this involves and how you an incorporate this into your training plan!

What does LIIT consist of?

Low-intensity interval training consists of higher and lower intensity intervals-just like HIIT, except there is a big difference. The difference between the high and low isn’t as intense as HIIT. An example of LIIT would-be intervals of walking and jogging, whereas HIIT would be intervals of walking and sprinting!

What are some other key differences?

The main difference between the two are both time and intensity. A typical session of HIIT would be 20-30 min, whereas LIIT, you will need about 40-60 minutes. This is why I set most of my classes to 50 min. I truly believe in preserving our joints and taking the high-impact load off of them! HIIT will push you to you absolute limit win terms of exertion, while LIIT has a gentler pace.

Unfortunately, there is a common misconception that in order for exercise to be effective, it must be intense. However, research has shown that both HIIT and LIIT have a similar effect on weight loss!

What are some of the benefits of LIIT?

LIIT is suitable for anyone, no matter what age, experience or fitness level. This workout will produce much less strain on ligaments, tendons and joints. Compared to HIIT, there is a much reduced chance of injury. LIIT does not just aide in weight loss, but burns fat, builds cardiovascular and muscular endurance, and improves blood circulation and flow. Chances of fatiguing are also far less!

How do I do a LIIT workout?

LIIT can be as simple as jogging for 1 minute and then walking for 2-3 minutes. Think 1:2 or 1:3 intervals. MOST of my workouts on my website are LIIT. I give high impact options, but I tend to stay on the lower-impact option side. I will get the heart rate up for 1-2 minutes and then strength train in between cardio intervals. I do this mainly in my Hardcore & More and Butt and Gut classes! These classes are typically 50 min.! LIIT is most effective at 40 min. or more.

Is HIIT dangerous?

That is a difficult question to answer. If your form is executed with perfection, HIIT is not dangerous! However, if you are questioning your form, there is probably something you could be improving upon. Since you are working at a quicker pace, there is an increased risk of injury if your form isn’t on point. It is so important that in the beginning of working out you seek the help of a personal trainer, even if it is only for a few sessions. The cost will pay for itself!

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