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Holiday Food Anxiety Tips

December 21, 2022

The holiday season (in my opinion) has some of the yummiest foods around! However, it can bring up feelings of food anxiety and stress for many people. It an be very difficult to indulge, while also listening to your body and its hunger cues. Whether you are home for the holidays or going from party to party, the holiday season can hold lots of triggers around food. Here are some tips that will allow you to enjoy the season with less stress:

1. Stick With Your Routine:

The holidays can be quite chaotic! Trying to keep a sense of normalcy is crucial during this time. Try to take the time and workout at your normal time you would during the year ( even if it’s less time or in a different setting). Try my 25-30 min. workouts for days that you are in a pinch!

2. No Judgement:

Listen to your INNER thoughts. Are you food-shaming and being extra hard on yourself during this time? Take 10 minutes to throw on a meditation OR make a list of things you are grateful for to put you back in a positive mind-frame.

3. Mindful Eating:

Really listen to cues of when you are feeling hungry/full. Take time to chew and digest your food before deciding if you are truly hungry. It takes our brains a good 10-15 minutes to register that we are full after eating. Try to sit and enjoy the meal without chatting on the phone or doing multiple tasks at once. When you are full, stop and take the time to digest.

4. Take Time To Breathe:

Feeling the tension rising? Try some EFT tapping or going for a ten minute walk. While ten minutes may seem like too much time to take from the current task, it will shift your mindset and allow you to work more efficiently. Thus, in the long run saving valuable time.

5. ENJOY yourself and this time:

The holidays only come once a year. Really take the time to enjoy yourself and savor it! Let yourself enjoy what you want without feeling like exercise is a punishment to work off the extra calories. You will have plenty of time in the New Year for that! With that said, I do not believe in the New Year, New You mantra. That is a LOT of pressure , especially if you worked hard the previous year. Continue to do great things and make small positive strides.

Hope you Holiday Season is magical and enjoyable! Enjoy!

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