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How to be a FIT Mama!

April 28, 2022

Committing to an exercise routine can be a struggle for most people! But for moms, it can almost feel like an impossible feat.  How can a busy mom find time to work out, when there are so many other routines going on? 

Between caring for children, career/job duties, household chores such as cleaning/cooking, doctor appointments, and school, when is there time to exercise? After surveying Moms on social media, some interesting conclusions were drawn:

50% of Moms said they can not work out due to scheduling issues

21% said lack of time

21% said lack of energy

Only 7% said no interest

It is clear from the poll, most moms do have an interest in working out, but their busy schedules prevent them from doing it.  It is also apparent from the poll that a lack of energy is a direct result of these busy schedules.  Ironically, most feel an increase in energy after a workout session.  

So what are some tips that will make it easier to be a fit mom? Here are 10:

1. Block it Out

Putting an actual appointment in your planner/phone will increase the chance of showing up! Schedule the time for your workout in advance, so it becomes less likely you will cancel!

2. Include Your Children

Having your children work out with you can be a source of bonding, especially if they are older.  Setting an example at a young age is a great way to promote health! Allowing them to use water bottles as weights (for younger than 12 years) is a great way for them to feel involved!

3. Do it First Thing

Working out before the day gets hectic is the best way to insure it gets done.  The longer we wait, the more excuses may come up.  Chances are nobody is scheduling a meeting early in the morning!

4. Set Your Workout Clothes Aside the  Night Before

Choosing a workout outfit and seeing it laid out first thing in the morning is a great way to keep with your intentions.  Lay it on a chair next to your bed as a reminder of what you will do first thing in the AM!

5. Lunch Time Workout

If you have a regularly scheduled lunch, use it as a time to workout.  For instance if you get an hour lunch, work out for 30 minutes or a bit more and then eat!

6. Have a Plan

Having the motivation to work out is half the battle! However, it is imperative you have a plan of action for what method of exercise you will do on a given day.  On demand, live virtual fitness class, walk outside, bike ride? Pick in advance so no time is wasted when showing up!

7. Audit Your Schedule

Most of us do have chunks of our day that are unused and/or going towards activities that aren’t as important.  For example, that ten minute coffee run? Make your own! Ten minutes scrolling on social media? Skip it! If we do chunk these intervals together, many times a full workout can be done!

8. Set Up a Small Space in Your Home as a Gym

You do NOT need special equipment or a gym membership to work out.  For example, in my classes small household props such as plates/pillows/etc. can be used.  For certain classes, water bottles can even be used as weights. Dedicate a small place in your home as a workout station, and it will encourage you to exercise!

9. Lean on Support

Find a work out buddy or get into a habit of posting your workout on social media.  This will hold you accountable to get it done as others are waiting on you!

10. No Negative Self-Talk

Make the most of your time.  Maybe it means doing half your workout in the morning and the other half at night.  That’s ok! If you miss day, that’s fine! You will jump back on the bandwagon the next day!

Most importantly, give yourself some grace! You are a busy Mom doing SO much! Props to you for taking the time to read this article and wanting to make a difference in your health.  That is a huge first step.  Be proud of how far you have already come, and how much further you will go!

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