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How to Find a Workout You Love

February 21, 2024

Everyone has a different level of love (or hate) for exercise. The closer you can come to at least liking, if not flat-out loving your workout, the better the results will be! The amount of enjoyment you get out of exercising is a predictor of how much you will actually do it.

If you have always been on the fence about exercising, chances are you are not truly enjoying your workout. Start with answering these questions about your workout:

  1. Are You a Creature of Habit or Do You Thrive on Variety? Whatever is true for your food, music and movie tastes will likely hold the same for exercise. If you are a creature of habit, you may be content with a run everyday. However, if you like to mix things up, you may want to run one day, strength train the next, and do yoga on alternating days.
  2. What is Your Goal? Identify what it is you want to accomplish. Set a goal such as improving cardiovascular health, getting stronger, or running a 10K. Get excited when each workout is bringing you closer to your goals. If it is not, chances are you won’t enjoy it as much.
  3. What Are You Good At? It is only human nature to enjoy the activities you are good at! The confidence in your exercise ability is a huge factor in how often you are likely to engage in it. Even exercise newbies will find a form of exercise they feel more confident in than others. Start with that form! As you gain confidence, you will likely want to further expand your horizons.
  4. Do You Like to Workout Alone or With Others? Some people value their alone time at the gym, while others feel they need social support. If an introvert, going on a solo run or lifting weights alone may help to clear your head. However, if you are an extrovert doing a group fitness class may be more fun. Small group sessions and 1:1 Personal Training sessions are possibilities as well to get some engagement.
  5. Do You Like to Be Indoors or Outdoors? Finding the right environment to support physical and mental health is extremely important. When it’s nice weather, multiple indoor workouts can be performed outside.
  6. What is Your Exercise Vibe? Do you prefer a high-energy environment or a calming yoga studio? Do you like a competitive setting or a more social environment? Do you prefer your instructor to be more inspirational, informative or a drill-sergeant?

Once you have answered these questions, it is time to experiment! Try any workout out that you think may be a fit, and give it THREE tries before ruling it out. Take this as a fun, learning experimental experience to see what works for YOU! If you haven’t tried a FREE trial of a workout (Live or on-demand) on my website, ask yourself these questions. Try the one that you feel best fits your personality.

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