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How to Recover from Workout Burnout

June 29, 2022

Finding a workout program that you actually enjoy can be challenging. This is why it’s SO important to vary your routine! In my early twenties I spent countless hours at the gym and didn’t see or feel many results!

It wasn’t until I started incorporating barre/ Pilates workouts with my strength based workouts that I felt a major shift. I felt stronger, more focused, and less anxious. Working out does NOT need to be a punishment! It can be FUN!

Whether you feel mentally burned out from working out like it’s a chore or your body feels physically burned out, it’s important we stop this in its tracks! Here are some workout burnout tips:

Alternate Workout Intensity:

All your workouts do not need to be high intensity where you are pushing yourself to your limit. It is important we alternate intensities to avoid boredom as well as get the best results. If I am craving higher intensity I will do a H.I.I.T workout with alternating cardio and strength intervals. If I am in a lower intensity mood, I will do a Barre class or my own format called L.E.T.S. Werq! TM (lengthen/ elongate/ tone/ stretch).

Find a Workout that is Fun!:

The more fun you have in your workout, the more likely you are to stick with it. If it feels like a chore we don’t want to do, the less likely we are to keep with it. Find something enjoyable that you look forward to!

Listen to Your Body:

If your body is telling you that you are overdoing it, you probably are! Feeling burnt out is usually your bodies way of telling you that you need a break. A day or two off a week does the body wonders! Change your internal dialogue! Taking a rest day does NOT make us weak. Instead, it is giving our body the time to recover so we see the results.


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I created my community because I wanted working out to be FUN and for all levels. I believe in alternating workouts and changing the routine daily. I also wanted recordings to be accessible for those who can’t make LIVE workouts. The emphasis is on feeling strong and confident!

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