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Taking a Mid-Day Break

August 17, 2023

Feeling tired and sluggish in the middle of your workday? Do you find yourself struggling to stay focused after lunch? So many of us experience this mid-day slump on a day to day basis. The great news is there are many strategies we can use to overcome this slump and power through our workday. Let’s explore some of these strategies here!

Move Your Body

Sometimes your body just needs some mid-day movement! Going for a quick walk after lunch may just give you that boost of energy you need to stay strong! Not in a walking mood? Do 1/2 of a 25 min recording and finish the rest later! Or just do the warm-up section of it, and complete the rest of the exercises after work.

Practice Mindfulness

The mid-day slump is often caused by stress and anxiety. Practicing deep-breathing, meditation, and EFT tapping are all techniques to reduce stress and increase focus. Bring your attention to your breathing and let your thoughts come and go. You will probably feel MUCH more refreshed after a couple minutes of deep-breathing.

Hydrate and Optimize Digestion

Sometimes your body needs extra nutrients. Having a nutritious snack may just be what you need to give you the boost of energy to keep going strong. Instead of reaching for sugary snack or caffeine, opt for snacks high in fiber an protein. Nuts, seeds, veggies and hummus, apples and nut butter, are all great examples. These will provide sustained energy to help feel more alert.


Taking a few minutes to chat with a friend over the phone or a co-worker can definitely improve your mood and energy levels. Catch up with a family member and find out what is going on in their lives. Share a funny story with a co-worker to build better working relationships and lighten up your mood.

Prioritize Tasks

It is important to focus on the the most important and trying tasks when you have the most energy. Try to tackle the most difficult tasks at the start of the day and leave easier tasks towards day’s end. If after doing one of the tips above you feel you have more energy, try to add in some more challenging tasks! Continue on in this pattern until you can find your groove!

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