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The Benefits of Foam Rolling

October 4, 2021

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Regularly using a foam roller offers many of the same benefits as a sports massage, which include reduced inflammation/scar tissue/joint stress, increased circulation, and improved flexibility. Rolling will also help with post workout recovery. Here are the top 5 benefits of the foam roller:

1. Prevents Injury and Helps You Recover Fast: Learning how to do a self-myofascial release, could help you train harder and reduce injury.

2. Breaks Up Scar Tissue: Breaking up scar tissue and adhesions between the skin, muscles and bones is crucial for a healthy body.

3. Improves Mobility and Flexibility: Increasing both of these are MUSTS to train harder!

4. Removes Lactic Acid to Aid Recovery: Always sore? Lactic acid builds up in your system after a workout. Foam rolling will help to decrease it.

5. Saves You Money: The Foam Roller is LESS than the cost of one sports massage.

Need to Learn techniques?? Come to Class on Thursday October 28th 8:30 am EST. We will be going over foam rolling for the last 8 minutes of class! Can’t make it? Catch it on a Recording! Need the LINK ? Click on Image Below (ad). It is Totally YOUR choice on size to buy. I feel the 18 in. is large enough for me, but the smaller option is great to make it portable!

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