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What Equipment should I use for Classes?

September 21, 2021

What are my absolute must haves?

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Some of you may have come to this blog post in hopes of figuring out what equipment you should invest in off the bat! It’s imperative you have a mat to protect your knees and back. My favorite one can be found by clicking here:

Mat Link: (ad)

If you are taking Dancer’s Body Barre or LE.T.S. Werq! TM, you can get away with using cans/water bottles. I suggest you begin to order 2-3 lb. weights for these classes as you become more comfortable. Here’s my favorite brand:

Light weights link: (ad)

If you are taking Hardcore & More, Butt & Gut, and/or Band Camp, you will need 5-15lb weights depending on your level. They can be found here:

Heavy to medium weights link: (ad)

What are some additional equipment pieces I should invest in?

Some props I highly suggest in investing in are a Pilates Ball, Versa Loops, Gliding Discs (these 3 are used in many of the classes), and a tubed band with handles (used in Band Camp). These props are extremely versatile and If you do not have the funds to invest in these pieces just yet, you can certainly use a firm pillow for the Pilates Ball, Paper/Plastic Plates for the Gliding Discs, and some of Band Camp can be used with a long towel. All these are linked below:

Pilates Ball link: (ad)

Versa Loop Link: (ad)

Gliding Discs Link: (ad)

Tubed Band with Handles: (ad)

As always never hesitate to contact me if uncertain about any equipment purchases or questions you may have. Thanks for reading and enjoy your workout!

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