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Why I Chose Virtual Fitness

January 14, 2022

The pandemic has certainly made everyday life more challenging. Stress and anxiety continue to affect individuals and families as we work to adjust to this new “normal”. Since exercise and fitness are natural stress relievers, improve our overall health, and enhance our quality of life, it is so important this does NOT take a backseat.

Virtual Fitness memberships can certainly offer unique benefits to help overcome the current challenges. Here are the top 7 reasons why many are converting to this type of membership:

  1. Flexibility- Virtual workouts are more flexible especially with access to an on-demand fitness library. If you cannot attend a LIVE virtual fitness class, the accessibility to watch after is a huge convenience. You can also customize what type of workout you want to do depending on your needs/physical level. Your routine can be based on your mood, interests, and what kind of workout you want on a given day.
  2. Convenient and Affordable– Online exercise programs allow you to choose when and where to do your virtual training. There are no restrictions due to the time of day, the weather outside, or the amount of attendees in a class.
  3. Community-Just as gym members value community and familiar faces, so do virtual fitness participants. Before and after the live online workouts, community members can engage. Coffee chats and giveaways are another nice way for members to meet one another!
  4. Motivation– My workout platform features 5 different types of classes that change DAILY! Members won’t experience the same workout twice. If they do want to repeat a specific format, it will be listed on demand for future access!
  5. Privacy– Using a virtual fitness membership enables the client to train in private without working out in front of everyone attending class. While I encourage cameras to be on so it is more interactive, it is ok to sometimes turn it off for privacy reasons! Whether you are new or experienced, nobody else needs to know! You do not need to worry about your outfit, hair and make-up. Work out like nobody is watching!
  6. No More Lockouts– Did you loathe driving to the gym, getting there a minute late, and class already being full? No need to worry about this with your virtual workouts! Sign up as far in advance as you want or moments before class. The more the merrier!
  7. Safety– Given the safety precautions in light of COVID, virtual fitness may be the answer to those who are immuncompromised or those who simply want to protect family who are compromised as well. The workouts are safe with multiple modifications given for different levels.

Need a more personalized fitness training? Virtual personal training sessions are given as well to help perfect form, address individual fitness needs, as well as assimilate a beginner Into classes. Please fill out the contact form on my website to schedule a consultation.

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