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September 16, 2022

Rest and recovery are so important, especially when working out multiple days per week. In this day and age, we all have such hectic schedules, and taking some time to take care of yourself and your body can be super beneficial! Taking a day to recover helps prevent injury as well as allowing your muscles to repair. Do not ignore signals from your body that are telling you to take a break!

One of the easiest ways I recover is by foam rolling. Check out my foam rolling blog with the roller I recommend here:

Pair foam rolling with a nice epsom salt bath and you will immediately feel your muscles relax. However, sometimes foam rolling just isn’t enough. A few options are to try a medical massage with a licensed practitioner and/or acupuncture. I go for a 45 minute medical massage once a month and it truly helps me reset.

Besides taking care of my body physically, mentally taking care of myself is ultra important. I meditate for 15-30 minutes daily and I have found there to be a huge overall improvement in my mood. Some good meditation suggestions can be found in my last blog article, “5 Ways To Deal with Stress.”

The last extremely important part to all of this is getting enough sleep! On average 7-8 hours a night for most people are needed. Have some chamomile tea to relax and put away your screen about an hour before bed! Happy Resting!

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