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What I Eat in a Day!

June 14, 2022

I typically hear this question once a day: “What do you normally eat during the day?” While we ALL have different caloric needs and food preferences, I would like to share what I usually eat in a day. This can vary a bit depending on my activity level and the seasons, but here it is:


I usually start my day with some lemon water or green tea with lemon. I then have a piece of fruit to fuel my morning workout.

Post-workout I eat a second breakfast that usually consists of oatmeal with almonds and fruit OR gluten free avocado toast (canyon-ranch) with non-dairy (Kite Hill) cream cheese.


For lunch, I enjoy a good salad! Spinach, romaine, kale or a spring mix. I throw other things in there depending on what I have in the fridge. Eggs, goat cheese, feta, tomatoes, and cucumbers are all fair game. I usually use EVOO and balsamic as a dressing.


I tend to make easy things for dinner, but always have a protein and veggie. Think salmon and asparagus, turkey burger over a bed of spinach, or almond flour tortilla tacos with veggies and ground beef, etc.


I had a very helpful blog article on how to make my favorite protein smoothie. I absolutely love SIETE tortilla chips, beanfields chips, as well as veggies and hummus. Unsalted mixed nuts are another go to along with a 65% or higher dark chocolate.


I love my sweets, but I am very sensitive to gluten. My go to is Simple Mills almond flour cookies and brownies. They taste SO similar to wheat based products, but do not leave me with the bloat.


I sip on water all day and strive for 8-12 cups. I love my green and herbal teas with an occasional coffee. On the weekends I will have a wine or a lower sugar option such as a vodka with seltzer and lime.

The important take away is that I do NOT eat perfectly. I strive for WHOLE foods that make me feel good and fueled, but if I am craving cake or Doritos, I allow myself to indulge. Listen to your body and make wise choices for yourself, but allow yourself one cheat a day to help keep you sane! One trick that helps me is asking, “Will what I am about to have help fuel me through my day/workout?” If the answer is “No” move on to the next option.

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